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Insightful, motivating, and actionable are words that are often used to describe Dr. Schroeder’s talks and workshops. Indeed, his commitment to presenting information that can be used immediately and to great effect has made him highly sought after as a speaker at a wide variety of venues throughout the world.

Drawing on personal experience in leading organizational transformations and extensive first-hand research in hundreds of organizations around the world, he uses memorable examples to teach the principles that underlie innovation and rapid improvement in today’s competitive environment. Dr. Schroeder speaks in a variety of contexts on topics related to how to unlock the potential in employee ideas. His message is at once logically simple and pragmatic in execution, yet revolutionary in perspective and impact.

Dr. Schroeder’s services range from assessing and improving existing idea systems to helping organizations to start and launch completely new ones. He works with managers to help them develop a deep understanding of core idea principles and tactics, so they can be the ones to lead the idea-driven transformation of their organization. Dr. Schroeder supports them with training, coaching, and practical advice gained through extensive experience and work in a wide variety of contexts and cultures.

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“Dr. Schroeder uniquely combines rich storytelling with actual management experience in industry and a depth of research and knowledge second to none. He keeps his audience enthralled and delivers the detailed knowledge and take-away ideas which allow them to put his message into action and realize the broader impact organizations can actually make.”


President and Founder of Lean Frontiers

Dean's insights on the benefits of harvesting the tremendous intellectual assets from an empowered workforce are inspiring and compelling. He works with leaders to generate, sustain, and celebrate front-line ideas which enable organizations to reap the benefits of continuous improvement, accelerated growth, and increased profits while making the workplace a wonderful community. 


Retired President - Hickory Chair

The following anecdote from Dr. Schroeder shows what motivates him in his work with organizations:

Shortly after completing my MBA, I took a turn-around job that put me in charge of a medium-sized foundry. This company was on life support. Most of our suppliers had either abandoned us or put us on COD, and every Friday I had to visit the bank to leverage that week’s billings in order to make payroll. Needless to say, I had no funds and very little time to make any of the numerous improvements that were needed. What I did have was a hidden asset, one that surprised me at the time.

During a break period the day after I arrived, I had an all-hands meeting to introduce myself and make an attempt to give the workforce some confidence that we would work our way out of our trouble. I closed my pep talk saying that I would do my best to honestly answer their questions and be open to their ideas. I thought that would make for a nice closure of the meeting until one of the workers raised his hand and asked – challenged actually – why we had changed suppliers on our mold wash. He reported we’d been having quality problems ever since. I told him that, having just arrived, I had no idea but promised to look into it. Then another hand shot up with another issue. I ended up borrowing a piece of welder’s chalk from the millwright and writing a total of six items on the break room’s cinder block wall.

I left the meeting thinking “Oh shoot. What did I just commit to?” The next day, as the afternoon break was ending, I walked back into the room, called for everyone’s attention, and addressed the progress on each of the six items. Three of the ideas were implemented, research on two others was underway, and I explained why the last idea couldn’t be used. Then I asked, “Any more ideas?”

Over the next six weeks we increased productivity by 250%, cut scrap by 80%, and I learned a very important lesson. There is a lot of power in front line ideas, but you have to ask — and you must treat people with respect.

~ Dean M. Schroeder